How a new website for Centtrip boosted company business

The Centtrip website

Founded in 2013, by experts in foreign exchange and financial technology, Centtrip is an award-winning fintech provider of smart treasury and multi-currency payment and funding solutions.  They focus on companies operating in the music, film & tv, arts, aviation and marine sectors. Their unique familiarity with these industries enables their account management and customer service staff to offer a very high level of tailored support.

Acknowledgement worked with Centtrip to evolve and reposition their brand and ultimately design and build a new website.

The relaunched website has dedicated areas which focus on target industries and verticals as well as information on Centtrip's platform & technology, international banking, currency and money services, company profile, news and resources.

Visitors can look at multiple client case studies including those that detail how Centtrip help the worlds’ top music acts, the largest yachting management companies, filmmakers, private aviation firms and other complex organisations who have global finance requirements.  They can learn how Centtrip provide an intelligent easy to access always on system (including an app) that makes it easy to create or enact transactions wherever you are in the world.

The website contains a series of industry specific guides that show how Centtrip products can  be useful in real-world scenarios, for example how to use forward contracts to mitigate against exchange rate risk or how to set up Centtrip cards to provide a way for on the ground staff/ crew / artist managers etc pay locally incurred expenses or buy supplies etc.

From a technical perspective, the site is web and mobile optimised plus fully content managed with an intuitive and highly configurable CMS.   It is clear, fast and facilitates data capture for lead management and maximises effective marketing activity. We've integrated the site with various third party systems. Analytics let Centtrip see user activity and full journey mapping.

At the same time as launching the website Centtrip started using our Malcolm! self service platform. This allows customers to ask questions, search for answers or category browse and perform account related tasks eg order replacement cards or reach out for human support.  Additionally it houses information for other stakeholders eg developers who may be integrating with Centtrip. Key content from Malcolm! is dynamically pulled into the new Centtrip website and is also surfaced across several other Centtrip assets.

For us the most rewarding projects are the ones that deliver excellent and tangible business results and this project with Centtrip certainly falls into that category!

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