Statamic development

Graphic showing screenshots of the websites we've built in Statamic

At Acknowledgement we do a lot of web development and our highly skilled team of developers will often deliver new website projects that use the Statamic CMS. Statamic is a powerful developer friendly content management system built on the Laravel PHP framework.  It has lots of functionality, is stable, open source (a small one off cost for commercial usage), mobile and SEO friendly and is - in our opinion - infinitely superior to dated CMS solutions like Wordpress or Drupal.

Why we like Statamic

  • Statamic is a modern and highly configurable CMS that can run full-stack, as a headless CMS, using flat files or databases and can act as a Static Site Generator (SSG)

  • It is frequently updated platform with new features and functionality made available via regular upgrades

  • It is highly secure platform built using the Laravel framework

  • The in-built features of Statamic means the CMS platform does an awful lot out of the box and unlike the Wordpress eco system you are not dependent on add-on third party / open-source plugins (which can vary in quality)

  • Because it uses the Laravel tech stack it's easy for developers familiar with PHP and the Laravel ecosystem to create custom functionality when required

  • There can be several benefits to overall website performance and reliability when used in flat-file mode as you have no database dependency. The flat file system also means a Statamic site is very fast and highly scalable which of course is one factor leading to a better user experience

  • Using Statamic does not involve any compromise to the front end web design.  Designers can produce a website design with layouts that are free from CMS constraints

  • Statamic provides a control panel that is user-friendly, customisable and seamless to use making it perform well for non technical users - our client's love it! Features like live preview of content changes are very useful as is the template system and adjustments that can be made for search engines.

Some Statamic websites we have designed and developed

Outernet London

Outernet London is an immersive entertainment district in the heart of London's West End.  As well as the world famous Denmark Street, a hotel and a 2,000 capacity live music venue the district is also home to the world's largest high-resolution wrap-around LED screens.

Their online presence has to cater for a diverse set of B2C and B2B audiences and meet a number of different business requirements.   The website is high traffic with lots of visitors accessing the site using their mobile devices.

The site is fully content managed using Statamic.  This means different stakeholders at Outernet can easily add and update content.  The site also interfaces with various other internal and third party systems via API.

"Advertising" page on the Outernet website

Chateau Denmark

Forming part of the Outernet London district mentioned above, Chateau Denmark is a collection of rooms and apartments across sixteen buildings in and around London's Denmark Street.

For their web presence, Chateau Denmark asked Acknowledgement to design and develop a website that could act as a easy to use flexible publishing platform.  As well as having the pages and content you'd expect a hotel website to have, Chateau Denmark also wanted to be able to easily build custom pages to support marketing and campaign initiatives.

Using the antlers template system within Statamic our developers were able to give Chateau Denmark this exact capability. Antlers are one of the best features within Statamic and let a page be built up in the CMS using a series of pre-configured modules.

"Explore" page on the Chateau Denmark website


Centtrip is a fintech providing smart treasury, foreign exchange and payment solutions for internationally mobile businesses in the music, film & tv, arts, aviation and marine sectors.   By specialising on these particular business verticals they are able to augment the latest technology from their platform with superior and industry tailored customer support.

Centtrip's fusion of tech and people targeted at very specific business types across different geographic regions called for a website that was highly tailored to different types of businesses in different regulatory environments without being a series of content silos that would become difficult and unwieldy to maintain.

Statamic proved to be the perfect content management solution for this project.  In particular it's ability to handle multiple sites and page localisation from one central instance was hugely useful and allowed our developers to create an elegant software solution where different Centtrip staff essentially see a custom CMS based on their permissions. The site backend interfaces with various other systems and the way the website is built means different businesses can learn about Centtrip in language and terminology that contextually makes sense to their particular industry.

The Centtrip website

Flyt / Just Eat

Flyt (part of Just Eat) were looking for a new content managed website and a new development company to design and build it!  They approached us and as part of our response we proposed the use of Statamic.  Post delivery they wanted to take the hosting and management of the website in-house and their team were pleased to learn Statamic is based on Laravel which they were very familiar with.

The Flyt (Just Eat) website

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